Reverse Raffel

London-Laurel Rescue Squad

913 Fire Rescue Dr.

London, KY 40741

Lieutenant Nathan Kirby Public Information Officer


PRESS RELEASE for Immediate Release

We have started our Reverse Raffle Fundraiser! The grand prize is $10,000 !! Only 400 tickets will be sold. We will have a drawing on June 17th 2023 at the London-Laurel Optimist Club. Ticket buyers are encouraged to attend and there will be food but you do not have to be present to win. Any of our members can sell you a $100 ticket or you can pick up a ticket at our station located at 913 Fire Rescue Drive (checks accepted). 

Please help us spread the word and buy a ticket. This fundraiser helps pay for our emergency rescue training, tools, and other emergency and disaster equipment. 


Sponsored by EcoTech USA


1st Ticket Draw = $1,000

100th Ticket Draw = $1,000

200th Ticket Draw = $1,000

300th Ticket Draw = $1,000

Last Ticket Draw = $10,000 Grand Prize!

License: ORG0002491