Non-Injury Accident at 50 S I-75, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Non-Injury Accident at 50 S I-75, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400000815
Location: 50 S I-75, London,
Activity: 01045 Non-Injury Accident
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 01/15/2024 4:58:18 PM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 01/15/2024 16:58:20
EN Enroute 01/15/2024 16:58:30
AS On Scene 01/15/2024 17:28:31
CP Complete 01/15/2024 18:58:20

Unit Status Changes:

just before the 49 s bound

blue semi vs black chevy pulling a camper, female pt neck and back pain.

16:58:20 3736JA: LCFD-202400000021
16:58:20 3736JA: LAS-202400000492
16:58:20 3736JA: LCRS-202400000039
16:59:04 3702tp: KSP-202400000010
16:59:23 3733RD:Removed Unit – LCFD
16:59:24 3736JA:Removed Unit – LCRS
17:00:13 3733RD:Removed Unit – LAS
17:13:46 3702tp:LCRS adv the wreck is at least a mile before the exit. units will have to pass up the 49. also adv that it is in a bad spot and vehs are sliding all around the wreck
17:17:03 3702tp:2293 standing by at the 49
17:31:15 3733RD:1704 adv 1045 only
17:38:37 3736JA:208 req check w post and see if they can move the vehciels involved down to exit 49. post adv it is 10-4 to have them move
17:38:46 3733RD:black gmc pulling a camper and light blue semi pulling crate carrier
17:57:14 3702tp:Removed Unit – LA46
18:08:58 3702tp:Removed Unit – LCF2192
18:09:09 3702tp:Removed Unit – LCF2293
18:58:20 3733RD:Incident Closed