Land Search at 87 Forest View Rd, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Land Search at 87 Forest View Rd, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400000182
Location: 87 Forest View Rd, London,
Latitude: 36.966841
Longitude: -084.310892
Activity: RLNDS Land Search
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 02/17/2024 9:11:23 AM

Unit(s) responded:
LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
RST5 Laurel County Rescue Service
RST7 Laurel County Rescue Service

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 02/17/2024 09:11:25
EN Enroute 02/17/2024 09:14:14
CP Complete 02/17/2024 09:23:58

Unit Status Changes:
02/17/2024 09:11:25 LCRS W Dispatch
02/17/2024 09:14:14 RST5 2 Enroute
02/17/2024 09:19:07 RST7 2 Enroute
02/17/2024 09:23:58 RST7 1 10-8 (Avail)
02/17/2024 09:23:58 RST5 1 10-8 (Avail)
02/17/2024 09:23:58 LCRS 1 10-8 (Avail)

ksp req resecue squad for land search.

84 yr fem pt w/ alzheimers, shelby jean dick, left around 0800 this morning, went out the back door and through her back gate. ksp working on poss pinging phone. requires meds but nothing life threatening. lsw jacket, night gown, house shoes, poss has a dog w/ her.

ksp adv granddaughter made contact w/ shelby right after calling ksp, fem adv that she was going to her doctor, but did not leave in her veh.

09:11:25 3702tp: DPS-202400000062
09:13:33 3702tp:1700 adv page rescue to sig2 at the building for a land search
09:14:06 3702tp: LAS-202400001670
09:14:10 3702tp:Removed Unit – DPS
09:14:47 3702tp:1700 req have ems stage as well
09:19:02 3739HS:Removed Unit – LAS
09:19:19 3739HS:rst7 adv they have drone trailer
09:23:55 3702tp:ksp adv sig8 everyone. fem went to a neigbhor’s house and neighbor took her to the vet’s office. fem 104
09:23:58 3702tp:Incident Closed