Fall at 7800 N Us Highway 25, East Bernstadt,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Fall at 7800 N Us Highway 25, East Bernstadt,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400003322
Location: 7800 N Us Highway 25, East Bernstadt,
Common Name: Wildcat Offroad Park
Activity: MFALL Fall
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 04/06/2024 2:30:36 AM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 04/06/2024 02:30:40
EN Enroute 04/06/2024 02:32:24
AS On Scene 04/06/2024 02:38:52
CP Complete 04/06/2024 03:35:33

Unit Status Changes:

65 year old male fell out of the trailer bleeding from the head,
caller adv meeting at the office in a red and blk razor take back to patient.

02:30:45 3738sr: EBFD-202400000109
02:31:00 3738sr: LCRS-202400000357
02:34:46 3738sr:Removed Unit – LAS
02:44:02 3744bj:paralysis legs and arms, lac on the forehead
02:44:19 3744bj:fire advised check flight status
02:45:53 3744bj:online helicopter request submitted
02:46:35 3738sr:1731 adv down in the gravel pit
02:53:02 3744bj:phi 2 has accepted. 17 min eta
03:16:16 3744bj:phi on the ground at this time
03:35:29 3738sr:phi off the ground enr to uk
03:35:33 3738sr:Incident Closed

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