Non-Injury Accident at 8000blk Johnson Rd, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Non-Injury Accident at 8000blk Johnson Rd, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400008347
Location: 8000blk Johnson Rd, London,
Latitude: 37.186277
Longitude: -083.956926
Activity: 01045 Non-Injury Accident
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 05/17/2024 8:08:37 AM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 05/17/2024 08:08:39
EN Enroute 05/17/2024 08:10:40
AS On Scene 05/17/2024 08:19:09
CP Complete 05/17/2024 09:50:18

Unit Status Changes:

LAT: +037.111001
LON: -084.0463543
T=0 ALT UNC=00000

top of johnson hill red jeep liberty hit electric pole 8 miles out

one mile from 687 transformer and lines down in roadway

08:08:39 3703JS: MFD-202400000027
08:08:39 3703JS: LAS-202400004687
08:08:39 3703JS: LCRS-202400000545
08:10:39 3703JS:Removed Unit – LAS
08:13:01 3733RD:Removed Unit – LCRS
08:15:02 3703JS:2nd page mcwhorter fire
08:15:30 3733RD:Removed Unit – MFD
08:15:32 3733RD:Removed Unit – LSO
08:20:19 3703JS:jackson energy notified enr
08:21:06 3703JS:occupents in vehicle cannot get out for the electric they adv at this time they are not hurt per 1128
08:29:27 3703JS: KYTC-202400000035
08:29:28 3703JS: DPS-202400000188
08:29:47 3733RD:rst4 adv pts out veh; roadway shut down
08:30:53 3733RD:Removed Officer – Rescue
08:44:01 3733RD:jackson energy 97
08:45:17 3733RD:Removed Officer – 1103CE
08:55:27 3703JS:Removed Officer – 1128TH
08:59:03 3733RD:jackson energy adv roadway will be close until approx 12/1300
08:59:47 3733RD:also adv theres an oil spill from one of the generators, but they do not need assistance cleaning it up. adv they have to send it off to be tested
09:01:55 3733RD: KSHD-202400000061
09:50:15 3703JS:state high dept has signs out all units 98 turned over to them
09:50:18 3703JS:Incident Closed

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