Misc (Use Remarks) at 600blk Rita Ln, Lily,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Misc (Use Remarks) at 600blk Rita Ln, Lily,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400008809
Location: 600blk Rita Ln, Lily,
Activity: LMISC Misc (Use Remarks)
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 05/25/2024 2:10:11 AM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 05/25/2024 02:10:15
EN Enroute 05/25/2024 02:12:11
AS On Scene 05/25/2024 02:15:18
CP Complete 05/25/2024 03:00:07

Unit Status Changes:

caller adv at the bottom of the hill, stuck in flood water, female still in the veh about a foot or 2 of the water. adv x1 female.

02:10:44 3738sr: LCRS-202400000579
02:10:53 3738sr: DPS-202400000199
02:19:16 3748AI:1134 adv the water was draining down adv the water has drained down from 2ft to 1ft
02:31:13 3748AI:rescue members are in the water at this time to pull the female out
02:32:44 3748AI:female has been rescued from the water, and is back on dry land
02:39:15 3748AI:1134 adv rescue members adv him that there is someone that stated a 12 yo juvenile off of rita ln is missing
02:43:56 3738sr:Removed Unit – S1134
02:43:56 3738sr:Removed Officer – 1134BG
02:59:18 3738sr:Removed Unit – RST5
02:59:18 3738sr:Removed Officer – RESCUE
02:59:18 3738sr:Set Primary Officer – 1129JB
02:59:20 3738sr:Removed Unit – RST26
02:59:21 3738sr:Removed Unit – RST2
02:59:22 3738sr:Removed Unit – RST7
03:00:07 3738sr:Incident Closed

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