Injury Accident at 1537 Laurel Lake Rd, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Injury Accident at 1537 Laurel Lake Rd, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400010226
Location: 1537 Laurel Lake Rd, London,
Latitude: 36.964948
Longitude: -084.270048
Activity: 01046 Injury Accident
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 06/15/2024 11:56:22 PM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 06/15/2024 23:56:33
EN Enroute 06/15/2024 23:56:51
AS On Scene 06/16/2024 00:07:47
CP Complete 06/16/2024 01:58:52

Unit Status Changes:

veh flipped over on fire, driver is out

23:56:33 3739HS: LAS-202400005642
23:56:34 3739HS: LCRS-202400000711
23:56:35 3739HS: BDFD-202400000014
23:57:08 3718PC:6066890942 additional caller adv car rollover and is on fire
23:57:11 3736JA: LCCN-202400000243
23:59:34 3739HS:Removed Unit – LAS
00:02:56 3718PC:Removed Unit – BDFD
00:07:02 3718PC:additional caller adv car is fully involved and the grass and woods are now on fire
00:07:57 3736JA:james gray 6066220601/// caller adv that it looked like subjs were around the vehiclr having a dispute, unk if it is verbal or physical. caller also adv as he was standing by two car loads of people went 98 towards w laurel rd. unk vehicle description
00:14:39 3748AI:fire unit adv the driver took off walking towards the whitley county side
00:14:49 3736JA:male is wearing all gray, covered in blood walking towards whitley co
00:15:42 3739HS:co6 adv out w male at whitley county line
00:36:26 3736JA:Removed Officer – 1132AW
00:40:06 3739HS:Removed Unit – RST2
00:40:08 3739HS:Removed Unit – RST26
00:42:58 3748AI:21 yo male
00:43:09 3748AI:310 req check flight status
00:44:03 3748AI:multi system trauma
00:44:16 3718PC:310 adv if they accept, use the spillway
00:46:37 3748AI:air evac adv he is going to check with the helicopter out of manchester if they accept eta will be 15 min if not his next closest is danville with a 30 min eta
00:49:01 3736JA:co6 adv they will be shutting the road down for ems and fire for the lz
00:49:08 3736JA: DPS-202400000244
00:50:05 3718PC:109 38 min eta, air evac adv they will chech phi to see if they area closer.
00:52:09 3718PC:air evac adv phi not avalible
00:53:03 3718PC:air evac 56 checking weather
00:56:38 3748AI:air evac 56 accepted 38min eta
01:00:35 3739HS:1312 adv state incident number 20242393
01:04:00 3718PC:1134 adv one of the gates from the army corp of enineirs had some minor damage.
01:17:24 3736JA:air evac 56 adv they do not have utach 14.
01:18:23 3736JA:bald rock 900 patched in w the pilot
01:43:43 3736JA:air evac 56 on the ground.
01:57:29 3739HS:air evac off the ground
01:57:33 3739HS:Removed Unit – BDT2
01:57:34 3739HS:Removed Unit – BDT4
01:57:52 3739HS:air evac enr to uk
01:57:59 3739HS:Removed Unit – A310
01:58:00 3739HS:Removed Unit – LA49
01:58:48 3739HS:1134 adv road back open
01:58:52 3739HS:Incident Closed

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