Special Detail at Red, White And Boom, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Special Detail at Red, White And Boom, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400009479
Location: Red, White And Boom, London,
Common Name: Somerset Community College North Campus
Activity: LSD Special Detail
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 06/29/2024 2:34:51 PM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 06/29/2024 14:34:55
EN Enroute 06/29/2024 17:36:24
AS On Scene 06/29/2024 17:43:47
TR Transport Enroute 06/29/2024 17:47:22
TA Transport On Scene 06/29/2024 17:47:22
TC Transport Complete 06/30/2024 00:02:09
CP Complete 06/30/2024 00:02:09

Unit Status Changes:

14:37:05 3702tp: DPS-202400000256
15:36:29 3733RD: LAS-202400006116
17:32:13 3736JA:109 req pd lower parking lot asap
17:33:28 3702tp:pd units enr
17:35:16 3702tp:city units 97 wellness park
17:36:10 3702tp:801 req road unit to the wellness park. subj 0148
17:36:15 3702tp:road unit enr
17:36:19 3736JA:840/848 enroute
17:52:43 3747DK:Removed Unit – P840
17:52:43 3747DK:Removed Officer – 840JJ
17:59:32 3702tp:801 req nol to the wellness park. laurel service center enr
18:10:15 3736JA:caller is on the side of 192, by an orange kia, near the somerset community sign. she adv a femlae came up to her frantic. caller req a unit. — jasmine root 606 521 2395
18:11:16 3702tp:units enr to fem
18:13:20 3739HS:Removed Unit – P848
18:13:20 3739HS:Removed Officer – 848MB
18:13:29 3702tp:801 req another road unit for a fem 1015
18:14:59 3702tp:801 and other units at the entrance on 192
18:19:07 3702tp:801 adv sig8 road unit. adv they will have one of their units transport
18:20:47 3736JA:836 10-15 w one female, enroute to the jail. bm/// 33349
18:24:41 3739HS:Removed Unit – P840
18:24:41 3739HS:Removed Officer – 840JJ
18:33:13 3736JA:836 — em/// 33354
19:15:21 3747DK:110 adv to let pd know not to allow any more car in the lower parking lot
19:16:10 3702tp:copy
19:16:25 3739HS: LCRS-202400000782
19:17:47 3747DK:Removed Unit – MOC1
19:18:09 3739HS:Removed Unit – RST3
20:01:17 3702tp:802 adv they have a 7 yr old rider jones but can’t find his parents. going to make an announcement at the stage
20:02:11 3702tp:802 adv they have found the parents
20:12:48 3748AI:836 adv he has a teenager that is having a seizure
20:13:11 3748AI:he is at the basket ball courts
20:13:59 3702tp:802 adv elderly fem halfway up the hill near the petting zoo
20:14:07 3702tp:ems 97 at the basketball courts
20:14:25 3702tp:ems notified for elderly fem
20:22:32 3748AI:847 adv he needs an la unit to the back of the ball courts for a seizure
20:23:16 3702tp:copy
20:45:37 3702tp:847 adv poss fight at the ball courts. 1097 and other units enr to him
20:51:46 3702tp:fem at the oasis tent in front of the stage having a seizure
20:51:48 3702tp:ems notified
20:57:04 3702tp:front entance of the park, 16 yo male poss dislocated shoulder.
20:57:32 3702tp:ems notified
20:58:02 3702tp:units enr from the stage
20:59:55 3702tp:127 out w/ the lpd
21:12:22 3702tp:phill smith adv subjs in black wagon and selling neon pink lights out of it. adv they do not have an agreement to be selling there
21:13:32 3702tp:127 adv juv turned over to parent. going pov to hospital
21:13:57 3702tp:phil smith located subjs next to the stage
21:19:14 3748AI:caller adv right past the water slide by the college three girls was fighting another female and then took off running the female is still there req to speak to an officer
21:19:58 3702tp:pd units notified
21:21:59 3748AI:one female blonde hair with a flag shirt on another girl white shorts flag hanging out of her pocket the other female had on a brown hair red crop top jean shorts all three girls took off running towards 192
21:22:43 3702tp:copy
21:23:07 3748AI:also female denied ems
22:02:16 3702tp:ems notified
22:02:54 3702tp:110 adv fd units enr
22:04:08 3702tp:ems mules enr
22:04:58 3702tp:110 and fd 1097
22:16:46 3702tp:814 req city unit ref to 1045 on 192 near the entrance to college park
22:19:47 3702tp:110 adv pt loaded up and turned over to ems. all fd units clear
22:34:08 3702tp:subj having seizure at the front entrance near the guardrail
22:34:13 3702tp:ems units notified
22:35:07 3702tp:la53 enr
22:35:14 3702tp:fem awake and oriented at this time
22:35:25 3702tp:110 adv units enr
22:35:40 3702tp:la53 97
22:37:23 3702tp:110 adv units on scene
22:37:39 3702tp:la53 back available, no pt contact
22:39:22 3702tp:110 adv pt 1098 pov. fd units clear
22:49:35 3736JA:Removed Officer – 841JH
23:42:35 3702tp:Removed Unit – DPS1319
23:42:39 3702tp:Removed Unit – DPS1312
23:42:39 3702tp:Removed Officer – 1312TB
23:42:40 3736JA:Removed Officer – RESCUE
23:42:41 3702tp:Removed Unit – DPS1301
23:42:41 3702tp:Removed Officer – 1301JN
23:47:07 3702tp:Removed Unit – P803
23:47:07 3702tp:Removed Officer – 803RM
23:47:07 3702tp:Set Primary Officer – 805JH
23:48:11 3702tp:Removed Unit – P805
23:48:11 3702tp:Removed Officer – 805JH
23:48:11 3702tp:Set Primary Officer – 801CJ
23:48:51 3749BN:Removed Unit – P814
23:48:51 3749BN:Removed Officer – 827TT
23:58:53 3748AI:Removed Officer – 836KS
23:58:57 3739HS:Removed Unit – P801
23:58:57 3739HS:Removed Officer – 801CJ
23:58:57 3739HS:Set Primary Officer – 802BD
00:02:09 3702tp:Incident Closed

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