Injury Accident at 1653 W Highway 192, London,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Injury Accident at 1653 W Highway 192, London,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400009595
Location: 1653 W Highway 192, London,
Latitude: 37.107547
Longitude: -084.085761
Common Name: Dunkin Donuts
Activity: 01046 Injury Accident
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 07/01/2024 4:01:52 PM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 07/01/2024 16:02:05
EN Enroute 07/01/2024 16:02:59
AS On Scene 07/01/2024 16:05:12

Unit Status Changes:

kia vs silver truck
caller complaining of back pain

16:02:05 3748AI: LFD-202400000796
16:02:05 3748AI: LAS-202400006198
16:02:05 3748AI: LCRS-202400000789
16:03:07 3733rd:Removed Unit – LCRS
16:03:16 3746nj:Removed Unit – LFD
16:03:18 3746nj:Removed Unit – LAS
16:06:18 3733rd:Removed Unit – LPD
16:08:19 3733rd:units utl on both vehicles
16:09:00 3733rd:made contact back w caller; she adv she was following the other vehicle that went 98 to get their tag and is back enrt to dunkin
16:16:21 3733rd:828 adv theres no damage on vehicle, witnesses adv the vehicles may not have even made contact. female adv she thinks her fwd may be out, but she left the scene
16:16:30 3733rd:Incident Closed

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