Injury Hit and Run at 10000blk Highway 490, East Bernstadt,

Notification from CIS Notification:

Injury Hit and Run at 10000blk Highway 490, East Bernstadt,

Agency: LCRS Laurel County Rescue Service
Incident Nr: 202400011755
Location: 10000blk Highway 490, East Bernstadt,
Latitude: 37.290048
Longitude: -084.141993
Activity: 1046H Injury Hit and Run
Disposition: C Completed
Time reported: 07/07/2024 11:39:15 PM

Incident Time:
DI Dispatch 07/07/2024 23:39:32
EN Enroute 07/07/2024 23:40:35
AS On Scene 07/07/2024 23:48:13
CP Complete 07/08/2024 02:12:17

Unit Status Changes:

motorcycle wreck
unk injuries

fem came to callers res adv they wrecked a motorcycle, fem frantic did not adv of any injuries then went 98

23:39:33 3739HS: CRFD-202400000066
23:39:33 3739HS: LAS-202400006435
23:39:34 3739HS: LCRS-202400000819
23:40:38 3718PC:Removed Unit – LAS
23:40:44 3718PC:Removed Unit – LSO
23:41:14 3718PC:Removed Unit – CRFD
23:41:17 3718PC:Removed Unit – LCRS
23:51:46 3744bj:fire advised one patient, bleeding from the knee down
23:51:56 3744bj:fire also advised 490 will be shut down for a few
23:56:24 3739HS:307 req check flight status
00:01:29 3739HS:fire adv lz hazel green elementary
00:05:47 3739HS:307 adv poss tibfib fracture pt weighs approx 265ls
00:13:08 3739HS:Removed Unit – S1123
00:13:08 3739HS:Removed Officer – 1123CM
00:23:16 3718PC:james fox 2/22/75
00:23:42 3718PC:britney noble 2/7/91
00:26:05 3744bj:air medical at lz
00:26:54 3744bj:1129 advised it was a hit and run, advised a jeff howard subject fled the scene in a black pickup
00:38:10 3744bj:Removed Officer – 1129JB
00:41:29 3739HS:1501 adv air evac off the ground
00:45:24 3744bj:mount vernon enroute to atl for jeffery howard subject
01:06:28 3739HS:Removed Unit – A307
02:12:17 3744bj:Incident Closed

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